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Board and Committee Opportunities

Our Board is actively recruiting professionals working in the private sector of for-profit businesses as well as professionals with non-profit experience.  We would love to recruit women that are passionate about empowering women and eliminating racism.  Our Board of Directors is comprised only of women, however, we are actively recruiting all gender identities to serve on committees.

The Board meets virtually on the third Monday of each month, from 6:00-8:00 pm. Board members are expected to serve on at least one committee.

If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors or any of the committees, please complete the Board Application or contact Andrea Rundell, Executive Director. 

A little about our committees: 

The Marketing & Development Committee works with YW staff to set an annual development plan to bring in necessary funds for YWCA programming, and ensures that it is carried out. This committee also works with staff to generate publicity and develop marketing materials for programs and events. They currently meet every other Friday at noon, via Google Meet. 

The Governance Committee recruits new members to the board and committees, does periodic assessments of the board’s experiences and skills, and oversees board trainings to ensure that the board is capable of directing YWCA through its plans. 

The Finance Committee has responsibility for regularly reviewing revenues and expenditures, balance sheets, investments, and other matters related to the YWCA's continued solvency, and presenting them to the board. They work with the ED to develop and approve the annual budget, oversee financial policies and procedures, and guide our investment strategy and management. 

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