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I can’t believe it’s almost here!

We have been thinking about our 2021 Stand Against Racism event for a long time, and we were so excited to jump into action when YW national announced the theme this year of Racism as a Public Health Issue.

The pandemic has given us a lot of perspective and opportunities to think about all the ways that health is affected by racism: from access to outcomes. Public health practitioners and experts have been researching and thinking about these issues for years. This year, we want to bring some of their work and knowledge to you in the form of recorded talks and original poems published to our Facebook page. Join us April 19-22 at noon each day!

This combination of expert talks and arts is really important to us to reflect the dynamic and diverse interests and talents of our community members.

This is a free event, which ensures it is accessible to everyone.

We can provide this event for free thanks to our generous and amazing sponsors. Our title sponsors the United Way of Champaign County, PNC Bank, the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District, and our supportive sponsors Sharepower Investing, CU Women’s Boxing, MTD, Urbana Arts and Culture, and McGuire Marketing. They have been so excited to support this event, and we have been able to put together some amazing stuff for you thanks to them!

Needless to say, this is our biggest year ever for Stand Against Racism!

I have a vision of our event in 2022, 2023, and beyond getting bigger, reaching more people, bringing together visual and performing arts, expert talks, panels, and even movie or documentary screenings for the public with discussions. I want us to invite elementary students to create art for us to feature and share. I want to see spoken word poetry slams at local cafes (a plan we had for last year that the pandemic cut short!). I’d love to see a poster session on campus that student researchers can participate in and learn from. With a new theme to the event each year, there’s so much creativity and so many interesting things we can do to help everyone learn about racism and its effects on our community.

This event has so much potential to help people learn about racism, stand up to it, and examine themselves and their biases. There’s so much we want to do!

I hope you join us and stay tuned for all the work we’re doing and will do in the future.

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